Is your organisation suffering from employee burnout?

Is your organisation suffering from employee burnout?

Identifying the signs of employee burnout can be hard and are often missed causing employee well-being to plumet. 23% of employees often feel burnt-out at work. This can affect your employees and your business causing productivity to decline. So why not reengage your workforce and learn how to address employee burnout in the future by downloading our Partner Citation’s free guide ‘Top tips to prevent employee burnout’.

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What’s included?

  • Expert tips to prevent burnout
  • Strategies to support your team’s mental health
  • How to boost employee morale and productivity

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  • £57 billion is lost each year due to low productivity.
  • Employee burnout impacts many parts of the business, not just your team – it’s crucial to improve employee satisfaction and wellbeing for your business to grow.
  • Low engagement can have negative effects on your organisation, including reduced productivity, increased employee turnover and a rise in sick leave.
  • Did you know 59% of UK employees say they have experienced burnout in their current job? With the pressures employees are under everyday it’s no surprise that they can become worn-out and that your company could be struggling with this.