Handy recruitment & retention tips and how to get further advice.

Recruitment Problems?

Below are some mini tips

  • Do you call all your applicants right away?

    It’s very likely that they’ve applied to more care providers (or other employers) in the area. Nowadays you need to call applicants on the day they’ve applied for a role.

    If you wait for the job ad closing date, you’ll lose early applicants to your competitor. See the link in the comments for more help…

Link – https://purpletribe.co.uk/telephone-screening-guide-top-5-tips-you-must-be-doing-when-phone-screening-candidates/?sfw=pass1658766866

  • Improve your care worker recruitment success by asking these questions…

    1) Does a qualified team member set aside time two to three times a day to call, screen, shortlist and hand-hold interested applicants to interviews?

2) Does the interviewing manager schedule frequent interview slots to help easily arrange meetings with applicants?

3) How will candidates know that your care company really wants them? See the link in the comments for more help…

Link – https://purpletribe.co.uk/the-need-for-speed/

  • Want to improve your staff retention?

    Recognition and appreciation is best given ‘little and often’, rather than saving it up for an annual or quarterly grand gesture. It does, of course, have to be genuine.

    Positive feedback is always appreciated, particularly when the specific reasons for the gesture are included.

    Your feedback will be valued whether delivered verbally or by
    handwritten cards/ telephone call, ‘employee of the month’ email or gift vouchers or WhatsApp group messages. See the link in the comments for more ideas…

Link – https://purpletribe.co.uk/7-ways-to-improve-staff-retention/


Our new blog post:

If you’re struggling with carer recruitment, you may have heard these reasons below, however, for us, they are myths and potentially ‘self-limiting beliefs’ for care providers.

Here are the top 3:

1. You can’t attract enough candidates
2. No one is applying for your care jobs (or only applying to keep benefits)
3. You’re not paying enough money

Read on to hear these myths busted!


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