Fulcrum backs campaign for care workers to speak up about risks     

Fulcrum backs campaign for care workers to speak up about risks                       

Leading care sector consultants, Fulcrum Care, have announced they will be partnering with safeguarding and culture change campaigners, Say So.

The partnership will enable Fulcrum to deliver a new level of safeguarding and security for care home owners, providers and managers, giving them the tools needed to identify issues in their care service early and create a better care environment for their residents.

Say So provide an independent reporting service for staff concerns in the care sector and will be made available to Fulcrum’s care home clients free of charge for up to one year (or until next CQC inspection).

By working alongside care homes as a trusted, independent reporting service, Say So provides care workers with a secure route for risk information and other concerns to reach senior care leaders. This will enable Fulcrum’s clients to adopt better systems for early action that reduces the potential for serious issues arising, as well as promote a more accountable working culture.

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The partnership comes in advance of announced changes in CQC regulation that place a higher value on evidencing care staff and resident feedback in 2023.

As well as allowing care staff to report concerns anonymously or confidentially, Say So offers:

  • Individual or group contracts with care providers
  • Secure management of all reports received and provision to a trusted, senior leader
  • Access to anonymous data trends and emerging risks in the care sector
  • Personal visits to care homes to help with onboarding
  • Posters, leaflets and online videos that care homes can distribute for training and awareness
  • CQC evidence of over and above safeguarding, leadership and governance measures.

Tony Thiru, CEO of Fulcrum Care, said: “We’re proud to have Say So as a partner to our social care consultancy service. Their commitment to creating a better environment for care is a natural fit with the work that we do, providing hands-on and sustainable support for the social care sector at every level.

“Having a secure system for internal feedback and concern reporting is exactly what care homes need, no matter whether they’re an independent, or a larger care home group. Say So provides them with the tools and resources to achieve watertight reporting procedures at all levels of the care structure, and can ultimately improve their CQC rating. This will be a great benefit for our care home clients!”

Shaun Keep, Founder and Co-director of Say So, says: “Having the right information at the right time can be all it takes to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable people in social care – or even to save a life. That’s why having a robust, secure and trusted independent reporting system can be a vital addition to any care home’s service.

“I set up Say So alongside co-founder, Paul Adams, following over 30 years’ experience in the Metropolitan Police. During this time, we witnessed first-hand just how important providing a trusted, independent reporting service for staff in any sector can be when it comes to catching mistakes before they evolve into a potentially life-threatening crisis, as well as create the best possible working culture.

“By partnering with Fulcrum Care and their wider network, we can help more care homes encourage a staff culture that protects resident wellbeing at the earliest sign of a fault, gives care workers a platform they can confidently discuss their concerns as well as prove to the CQC a strong commitment to the care they provide.”

More information about Say So can be found online at www.say-so.co.uk.

Further details about Fulcrum’s consultancy services can be accessed at: www.fulcrumcareconsulting.com.

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