Cyber Security

Digital Social Care has released a statement for social care employers about cyber awareness linked to the Russian cyber activity in and around Ukraine. The National Cyber Security Council has set up 12 actions which all business should undertake to improve security.

Please utilise the following 2 links and keep up to date and know what steps you need to take around cyber security:

Digital Social Care article –

National Cyber Security Council –


No change to ‘Stay at Home’ guidance. 23/02/2022
From today, there is no longer a legal requirement for people with COVID-19 to self-isolate. Guidance will be updated to remove references to the legal requirement, but the advice will continue to recommend that: anyone with symptoms should stay at home and get a PCR test those who test positive should stay at home and avoid contact with people Staff If a member of staff develops symptoms of COVID-19, they should not attend work and should do a PCR at home as soon as possible. If they test positive, they should not attend work (for 10 days) and UKHSA recommend they should stay at home and avoid people. The guidance remains the same that to return to the workplace before 10 days have elapsed, staff should have negative LFDs on two consecutive days, starting no earlier than day 5.   Full detail can be found in the Management of Staff guidance.
Infection Control and Testing Fund (ICTF)
Providers can still use the Infection Control and Testing Fund (ICTF) to pay their staff full wages whilst not working and is available until the end of March 2022. This is not impacted by the legal duty to ‘self-isolate’ ending.
Asymptomatic Testing
Regular asymptomatic testing should continue as per the testing guidance. Testing remains important to quickly identify individuals who are likely to be highly infectious and enables them to stay away from work to reduce transmission and keep the most vulnerable safe. The regular asymptomatic testing regimes are currently under review, and further detail on future testing and any changes to guidance will be provided in due course.   Thank you,  NHS Test and Trace