Managing long-term sickness & absence

Managing long-term sickness & absence


Long-term sickness absence is at a record high, which is a real headache for employers. It’s the top absence-related issue our clients are calling our 24/7 advice line about, and it’s something that can leave a business facing lost productivity, escalating costs, and even potential tribunal claims.

That’s why we’re sharing our free guide to managing long-term sickness absences.

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), sickness absence for those with long-term health conditions is at its highest point since 2008, with a record high of 104.9 million working days lost.

This is a massive problem for employers. How do you manage the loss of productivity, rising costs, and, most importantly, how do you get your people back to work safely? Our Partner Citation has answered all of that and more in their ultimate free guide to managing long-term sickness absence. Grab yours now!


What’s inside?

  • Common causes of long-term sickness absence
  • Why is long COVID such a problem?
  • How to manage a long-term absence – a checklist
  • Reasonable adjustments, pay, and important considerations
  • How to avoid disability discrimination


Did you know that over 100 million working days were lost in 2022 due to long-term health conditions?

With over 2.5 million people on long-term absence right now, Citation’s experts have shared their top tips for getting on top of absences in your business – so you can avoid lost productivity, unnecessary costs, and even potential disability discrimination claims.

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