Do you know about your flexible working responsibilities as an employer?

With the recent changes that came into force on the 6 April, it’s more important than ever that you understand and implement best practices for managing flexible working arrangements. Ensuring compliance with legal requirements, handling requests fairly, and maintaining open communication with employees are all essential aspects of managing flexible working effectively.

To help in navigating this transformative era and ensuring compliance with the new regulations, Citation have created this guide where you’ll find the best flexible working tips to make sure you meet your legal obligations, and ensure people feel supported at work.

With the recent changes that came into force on 6 April, it’s crucial for employers to stay informed about their obligations regarding flexible working arrangements.

So, now’s the time to start taking a good close look at your approach to flexible working. If you need advice on how to anticipate flexible working requests, our Partner Citation have got you covered with their guide to managing those requests.

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What’s inside? 

  • Who can make a statutory flexible working request?
  • How to handle requests fairly
  • Making your decision
  • Updating contracts of employment
  • Turning down a request
  • Appeal process