DHSC – Our support for adult social care this winter

DHSC – Our support for adult social care this winter

Published 9 January 2023

Foreword by Helen Whately MP

As so many of us know first-hand, the pressures facing adult social care year-round become even more acute during the winter period. I also know, from my conversations with stakeholders, that there are additional pressures being felt right across the country this year, which are making an already challenging season even harder to navigate.

These include ongoing obstacles to recruiting and retaining our excellent social care staff, concerns about keeping the heating on during the colder months or making sure individuals most at risk are protected from COVID-19 and flu.

The government is committed to making sure those providing and accessing care are prepared and supported to manage these demands. I am, therefore, pleased to announce the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC) adult social care winter statement to support this shared endeavour.

The statement sets out the initiatives DHSC is putting in place to support the sector through winter 2022 to 2023, as well as a reminder of the principal actions local systems and providers can take to maximise sector resilience. It is aimed at care providers, local authorities, integrated care systems, carers and social care staff.

NHS England will continue to support systems to deliver work within care home settings, including provision of holistic health assessments and personalised care and support plans to residents within 7 days of admission or readmission to a care home.


  1. Foreword by Helen Whately MP
  2. Discharge from hospital
  3. Community-based falls response services and unplanned ambulance conveyance from care homes
  4. Workforce capacity, recruitment and retention
  5. Unpaid carers
  6. Digital support
  7. Infection prevention and control
  8. Visiting
  9. Vaccination
  10. Cost of living, energy and cold weather
  11. Industrial action