DHSC has published a joint review with the Home Office called the Safe Care at Home Review

Today the Department of Health and Social Care published a joint review with the Home Office called the Safe Care at Home Review.

The review looks into the protections and support available to people who are abused, or at risk of abuse, by people providing their care in their own homes. This followed the concerning evidence presented during the House of Lords debates from the Deaf and disability sector about abuse perpetrated by people who provide care during the passage of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021.

The review heard from frontline professionals, representatives from the Deaf community, disability and older people’s organisations, care providers and people with personal experience.  Having taken this evidence into account, the review set out a set of actions to address the following three key themes:

  1. Leadership and accountability: we heard concerns about fragmented oversight and accountability of safeguarding in England which can resulting an over-reliance on sector led improvement and missed learning opportunities.
  2. Effectiveness of the local response to abuse in the home: Local responses to this form of abuse can be inconsistent and can be ineffective where frontline staff are not equipped with the right tools to understand this form of abuse or navigate the complex legislative framework.
  3. Research, evidence and learning: Relevant data is often held in disparate places across government departments and agencies. The limited research on this type of abuse poses a significant problem when it comes to understanding and tackling it effectively.

The full publication can be accessed here Safe Care at Home Review, along with accessible versions of the review.