DH &SC Vaccination Update

With flu season approaching and covid cases rising, we’re keen to emphasise the importance of getting vaccinated to those who are eligible. This includes those aged over 50, pregnant women, those at higher risk due to a health condition, immunosuppressed, as well as, frontline health and social care workers and carers.

We have issued several posts on our digital channels (linked below) and we will continue to share content every day to support this. We would also really appreciate your help with resharing this and any future content, encouraging people to get their autumn boosters across your channels.

  1. Pregnant Women – We recently published a video featuring Dr Viki Male, an immunologist researching vaccines in pregnancy at Imperial College. She explains some of the data and encourages pregnant women to come forward for their autumn booster.
    1. https://twitter.com/DHSCgovuk/status/1582257670500732928
    2. https://fb.watch/ge5Olg1Ncj/
  1. Autumn Booster graphic – outlines the eligibility for online booking
    1. https://twitter.com/DHSCgovuk/status/1582793708851937284
  1. Explainer Video – featuring the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Thomas Waite, outlining the importance of getting vaccinated if eligible
    1. https://twitter.com/DHSCgovuk/status/1581895282534465536?s=20&t=RJppdRqNRyRLF40aVsQGjg
    2. https://fb.watch/ggUdH42ME1/