ACTION REQUIRED:  For Older Person Care Homes. Care Homes Fair Cost of Care Tool webinars – sign up now!

ACTION REQUIRED:  For Older Person Care Homes.

After the launch of the Care Homes Fair Cost of Care Tool last week (click here to view), we wanted to let you know of two online sessions dedicated to Providers, to explain how to engage with the national Fair Cost of Care Tool.

The sessions are for Providers of older person care homes who are either not yet aware of the Fair Cost of Care exercise, or do not how they can engage in the process, to explain why it is critical all providers get involved.

At the request of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), the Care Provider Alliance has been working closely with the LGA, ADASS, DHSC, and Providers to develop a Care Home Tool to collect key data needed to evidence the funding needed for our sector.

Without Provider engagement, it is less likely we will see funding at the level needed to implement the coming reforms.

Without funding, Providers are likely to face significant financial pressures beyond current levels.

Please, therefore, join one of the sessions below if you are not yet registered for the national Care Home Tool, to understand how you can participate in the process, and help to secure critical future funding for our sector:

Tuesday 7th June @ 12:00 Click here to join the meeting

Tuesday 14th June @ 12:00 Click here to join the meeting

Most councils require data before the end of June, some much sooner.  It is therefore important Providers act now and register on the Tool to ensure their council is participating.  Most councils are registered and using the national tool, a handful are using their own tool or refreshing recent cost collection exercises.  To save Providers sending information to multiple councils in different formats, the national Tool can collect all Provider data, which will be available for all councils to access.

If you want to register on the national Tool, click here. There is a helpful video here, and walk through PDF here to support registration.  If you have any technical support requirements, please email

Note that providers need to register as an organisation using their CQC provider ID, NOT as an individual care home location ID. Your CQC provider ID can be found here (in column AL).

If you would like to receive Guidance and FAQs relating to the Fair Cost of Care process or have any questions or concerns, please email:

There is also a guidance document and a list of data items to help providers establish the information needed to prepare for populating the Tool either in excel or online.